The purpose of this randomized controlled trial (RCT) is to compare the clinical, functional, and radiographic outcomes associated with trans-articular drilling versus retro-articular drilling, two commonly employed techniques of operative treatment for stable forms of juvenile osteochondritis dissecans (JOCD) lesions. This study also aims to better define the natural history of this condition in its most commonly identified pathological state (as a stable lesion) following surgical intervention by determining the rate of radiographic healing and any need for secondary surgery.

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RCT Visit Checklist and Timeline
Form 1a History (Patient)
Form 1b History (Surgeon)
Form 1c Screening, Eligbility (Coordinator)
Form 2 Physical Exam (Surgeon)
Form 3a Outcome Q’s (Patients aged younger than 18)
Form 3b Outcome Q’s (Patients aged 18-25)
Form 3c Outcome Q’s (Patient over 18)
Form 4a XR (Surgeon)
Form 4b MRI (Surgeon)
Form 5 Initial Surgery (Surgeon)
Form 6 Follow-up (Surgeon)
Form 7 Adverse Events (Surgeon)
Form 8 Secondary Surgery (Surgeon)
Form 9b RCT Closeout (Coordinator)


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