• My son is 14 and has it on both knees and also has medial patella ligament that needs tightening on his right knee due to having EDS and that was his main complaint of pain from coming his right knee coming out of joint. He had the 2 circles on his xrays on his patellas and until we saw the orthopedist no one could tell us what they were. His orthopedist wants to do surgery but he does not want to have surgery and I am researching to see if that is really what is needed.

  1. My 8-year-old daughter was just diagnosed with OCD in her right knee. Starting 6 weeks of crutches, 3 months no sports, and will take it from there.

  2. My 12 yr old son was told today that he defiantly has OCD in his left knee and most likely in the right knee also. His left was locking up during the summer and his right one has pain and swelling in it now. Mri will be next week to see how back and what to do next. I am glad to see that chop has someone that knows a lot about OCD of the knees.

  3. My 14 year old son has also be recently diagnosed with bilateral OCD. He underwent surgery of fixation of OCD on his left knee this past week.

  4. My 11 years old son has osteochondritis dissecans in his left knee . He is going to complete 6 months of conservative treatment. He is pain free , and normal walking, however can not go up or down stairs. I’m having to take him to school every day and going up to him on the back, because there is no elevator at school. We are from Brazil and we had much difficulty to determinated the treatment because each doctor speaks a different thing . Some say it will have to operate because his injury is great ( 2,10×2,80×0,8 ) and others says it will be good and do not need to operate. This uncertainty and lack of clarity of medical leave us very apprehensive and unsure what to do. We hope that he will just good and return to normal activities . If someone have cases of children who were cured , please send us the information (time of treatmente , size, injury, kind treatment … ) oliveira.oliveira@ig.com.br

  5. My 16-year-old son has bilateral OCD. Just had arthroscopic surgery to correct the left knee. Very large loose body found. Lesion measured 12mm by 20 mm on MRI. Microfracture was performed, non-weight bearing for ? weeks and no PT immediately prescribed…

    I also had it when I was 25, and I am his mother. I have it bilaterally as well…

  6. My 15 years old autistic son with OCD on his both knees, left knee with leison 4cm , we live in NJ and went to see orthopedic surgeons already, they all very kind refused to do OCD surgery or suggested us to do osteotomy, I really unsure what to do, did anyone have same situation like me? we need help please, thanks a lot. my email: fuclare@ gmail.com.

  7. Panayiota (Cyprus)
    My daughter 14 years old has right ankle OCD and left ankle OCD.
    MRI RIGHT ANKLE FINDINGS: stable osteochondral lesion at the medial aspect of the talar dome. It is 14 X 5 X 7 mm, with subtle flattering of the medial aspect of the articular surface and mild chondral fraying. Also, mild perilesional edema.

    MRI LEFT ANKLE FINDINGS: stable osteochondral lesion at the medial aspect of the talar dome. It is 14 X 4 X 6 mm. Minor flattering of the articular surface and mild chondral fraying. Also, mild bone marrow edema.

    We need help. THANK YOU A LOT.

  8. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with OCD of the elbow. Can anyone recommend a specialist. I am in Michigan. Thank you.

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