The OCD Group of North American is committed to developing improved methods for the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of OCD. There are several projects that the group is pursuing at this time and will be pursuing in the future. These projects include the following:

  1. Development and Validation of Evaluation Tools for OCD. The group has developed classification systems for OCD, using Arthroscopy, X-ray, and MRI. These systems have been developed over a 2 year period. The expert group that developed these classification systems include orthopaedic sports medicine and paediatric surgeons, and musculoskeletal radiologists. Previous classification systems have been reviewed, and the group devised new systems that have improved on the older systems.
  2. Review of treatment for traumatic chondral injuries. Historically, pure chondral injuries have been considered to have a poor prognosis, with very limited potential for healing. In this expert group, some of the surgeons have observed that many of these lesions will heal with proper surgical techniques. The group intends to conduct a retrospective, and prospective studies to review the outcomes for these injuries.
  3. Prospective Clinical Trials for treatment methods for OCD. Different institutions use different methods to treat OCD lesions. We will compare the outcomes of these treatments to determine which produce the best outcomes.